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*** Han Nan Island ***
Hainan Island is the southernmost part of China, with breathtaking scenery and rich natural resources. It covers a total land area of 340,000 square kilometers and has a population of seven million. It has a tropical marine climate and famed as a resort area with its crystal-clear waters and wonderful stretches of golden beach.

The coastline of Hainan Island extends for about 1500 kilometers; with its tropical climate, white sand beaches and pristine water, it's the ideal tropical vacation destination. Sanya city, the most southern city in Hainan Island, is blessed with the balmy weather of the Pacific Ocean, where the sky is always blue. As the climate is tropical in nature, coconut palm trees are the indigenous species of the island, where these palms are grown in abundance. With the crescent-shaped white sand beaches, warm weather, and ample sunshine, no wonder that Sanya City has become the premier destination beach side resort for China. Due to its latitude being very similar to the 50th State of United States, Hainan has been dubbed by the media as the "Hawaii of China."

As a city prided itself with plenty of sunlight and clean air, its air quality ranks second in the world and the best in China, in addition, the city boosts itself with the least polluted environment, making Sanya an ideal place to enjoy the nature. Also, it becomes a well-known resort during the cold winter season, over 2500 hours of daylight each year and pleasantly temperature averaged at 23-25 degrees Celsius make it like summer all year around.
*** Yalong Bay ***
Yalong Bay lies in 25 kilometers southeast to Sanya City, it is honored the "First Bay in the World" with its crescent-shaped beach stretches for seven kilometers, it is famous for its crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Right off the coastline, the inhabitants include numerous kinds of tropical fishes and exotic corals. Owning to its unique geographic environment, most tourists are at awe when they visit Yalong Bay for the first time. It is of no surprise that the World Tourism Organization honors the place to be the top of the China's tourism pyramid.

With the average temperature a pleasant 25.5 C all year-round, Yalong Bay is situated in the southernmost part of Hainan Province, 25 kilometers (about 15.5 miles) away from the tropical seaside tourist city, Sanya. The scenery is amazing, with endless rolling hills, serene gulfs, clear blue sea and silvery sand beaches--three times as long as any in Hawaii. Home to several well-preserved coral reefs with tropical fish of varied kinds, colors and shapes, the ocean here is crystal clear, allowing visitors to view underwater sights up to 10 meters (33 feet) deep from the surface.

Yalong Bay boasts the five essential elements of modern tourism: sea, sands, sunshine, lush green plants and fresh air. In 1992, the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization once marked that this bay embraces the unique and unparalleled natural settings, sands, crystal sea water, endless seashore, unspoiled hills and pristine vegetation, making it a paradise for holiday travelers.
*** Luhuitou Hill ***
Luhuitou Hill, at an altitude of about 280 meters (918 feet), is the main peak of Luhuitou Peninsula. It's a pleasant place to appreciate the sunrise and sunset, and overlook the downtown area of Sanya City. At the foot of the hill, you can see various kinds of halobios, including starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, actiniae and jellyfish. Up along the hill, a kind of red flower called Triangle Plum will come into view. It's the City Flower of Sanya. Halfway up the hill, a tuft of Triangle Plum, descending like a waterfall, is a really amazing sight. Not far from the flower and at the foot of an old tree stands a tablet inscribed with the red Chinese characters 'Hai Shi Shan Meng' (a solemn pledge of love).

On the branches of the old tree are hanging many ribbons indicating the permanent love of peoples prayers. Walking along, you will see a pavilion called Shanmeng (unalterable love) Pavilion containing the Shanmeng Tablet, which corresponds to the four characters mentioned before. At the top of the hill, towers a twelve-meter (39 feet) high granite statue. The statue is really unique in its design; consisting of a deer looking back, flanked by the young Li hunter and the beautiful fairy girl, it's a visual reminder of the memorable legend. Luhuitou Peninsula is not only a romantic peninsula, but also a lush, natural environment covered with deciduous trees and plants. It is the ideal place to spend a winter holiday in China.
*** Tianya Haijiao ***
Tianya Haijiao, a romantic and beautiful scenic spot, lies to the west of Sanya City, Hainan Province. It receives many visitors from home and abroad every year since its open in 1988. It also attracts thousands of young lovers from every corner of the world to hold their wedding ceremonies here.

Tianya Haijiao means 'the furthermost part of the sky and the sea' in Chinese, suggesting an unattainable place. In the past, Chinese people believed that the sky was square and the earth was round. Therefore there was definitely a furthermost part of the sky and the earth. Hainan Province, the southernmost part of China, was believed to be the location of Tianya Haijiao.

Tianya Haijiao is a heaven for people who are head over heals in love, and also an ideal place for people who are deeply in love with the sea. You will definitely have fond memories after visiting this scenic spot.
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