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Jordan is located in the heart of the Middle East, Northwest of Saudi Arabia, south of Syria, Southwest of Iraq, and east of Israel and the Occupied West Bank. Jordan has access to the Red Sea via the port city of Aqaba, located at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba. Geographic co-ordinates: 29 ¡V 34 00 N, 35 ¡V 39 E

Total: 89,213 sq. km (34, 445 sq. miles)
Land: 88,884 sq. km (34, 318 sq. miles)
Water: 329 sq. km (127 sq. miles)

Climate and Geography:
Jordan has a combination of Mediterranean and arid desert climates, with Mediterranean prevailing in the north and west of the country, while the majority of the country is desert. Generally, the country has warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters, with annual average temperatures ranging from 12 to 25 C (54 to 77 F) and summertime highs reaching the 40s (105-115 F) in the desert regions. Rainfall averages vary from 50mm (1.97 inches) annually in the desert to as much as 800 mm (31.5 inches) in the northern hills, some of which falls as snow in some years.

Jordan enjoys a range of geographic features, from the Jordan Rift Valley in the West to the desert plateau of the east, with a range of small hills running the length of the country in between. Lowest Point: Dead Sea, -408 meters (-1338.6 feet) Highest Point: Jebel Rum, 1734 meters (5689 feet)

Currency and Exchange Rates:
Jordan's currency is the Jordanian Dinar, or JD. It is subdivided into 1000 fils, the daily exchange rate is published in local newspapers and it¡¦s about USD 1.45.

Arrival at Queen Alia International Airport, the clients will be met by representatives and assisted with all formalities and customs. After that, you will transfer to your hotel in Amman for dinner and overnight.
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Hotel: Amman 5* Hotel --- Marriott Amman
Depart Amman to Petra via the Kings¡¦ Road. En route, visit the mosaic city of Madaba, where the oldest map of the Holy Land exists on the floor of Saint George¡¦s Church. Madaba, or Medeba in antiquity, features many famous mosaics that exist in public and private buildings.

After Madaba, a short drive will bring you to Mt. Nebo, the alleged burial site of Moses overlooking the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Here Franciscans have built a structure that protects a 4th and 6th Century Byzantine church. Then on to Petra for dinner and overnight at the hotel in Petra.
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Hotel: Petra 5* Hotel --- Marriott Petra
After Breakfast, depart the hotel for a full day tour of Petra, the soul-stirring, rose-red city of Petra is a Jordanian national treasure and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Petra was an ancient Nabataean capital and was settled by these industrious Arab traders more than 2,000 years ago. Petra¡¦s unique location enabled the Nabataeans to dominate the ancient Arabian trade routes, and the city became wealthy from the tolls it levied on the caravans that sheltered there with their precious cargoes of spices, silks, ivory and animal hides.

In the ancient world, Petra was renowned for its refined culture, massive architecture, and ingenuous system of dams and water channels. In the years following the Emperor Trajan¡¦s annexation of Petra, the city declined and slipped into obscurity until it was ¡§discovered¡¨ in 1812 by a Swiss traveler. Excavations that revealed the astounding workmanship and the incredible ruins at Petra did not begin until 1924, and continue to reveal more information about the Nabataean Kingdom.

Petra still forms part of the domain of the Bedouin, and you will see them with their horses and camels as you begin your unforgettable trip into this cultural landmark. After passing tombs outside the city, you come to the ¡§Siq¡¨, an immense crack in the Nubian sandstone almost one half mile long. This winding fissure separates overhanging cliffs that appear to meet 300 feet overhead. Near the end of the passage, the Siq makes one last turn with great style, and out of the gloom Petra's most impressive monument Al Khazneh (The Treasury) appears in the towering brightness. One of the most elegant remains of antiquity, out of the, Al Khazneh is nearly 140 feet high and was carved from the mountain¡¦s solid rock in the First Century B.C. Originally used as a Namataean king¡¦s tomb, scholars believe Al Khazneh was later used as Nabatean temple. Film buffs will recognize it from its starring role in the final scenes of the movie ¡§Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.¡¨

Beyond el Khazneh you are surrounded on both sides by hundreds of Petra's curved and built structures, soaring temples, elaborate royal tombs, a curved Roman theater (seating 3,000), large and small houses, burial chambers, banquet halls, water channels and reservoirs, bathes, monumental staircases, cultic installations, markets, arched gates public buildings and paved streets, after the tour, you will be transferred back to Amman for dinner and overnight.

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Hotel: Amman 5* Hotel --- Marriott Amman
After breakfast, tour to Jerash. Located 30 miles north of Amman, Jerash is considered one of the largest and most well-preserved sites of Roman architecture in the world outside Italy. To this day, its colonnaded streets, baths, theaters, plazas and arches remain in exceptional condition. Within the remaining city walls, archaeologists have found the ruins of settlements dating back to the Neolithic Age, indicating human occupation at this location for more than 6500 years. Later we will arrive at the lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea. Take this opportunity to enjoy optional spa treatments and a massage, float in the salty water of the Dead Sea, or even take a dip in the beautiful pools of our hotel. After that transfer to the airport for your flight to next destination.
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*** We reserve the right to alter or cancel the itinerary and exchange hotel. ***
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